Tied down or Loosen up?

This topic pop up into my mind in the middle of a cloudy breezy morning. Lately the idea of tying down someone or being tied down is urgently crucial for young adults. I’ve seen some friends’ engagements and marriages. I’m wondering is the early marriage become another new trends in age of 20 something. A friend of mine was married few months ago and she’s 22! The other friend of mine gave birth to a cute little baby boy a month ago and she’s 23! and also there are some others engagements and marriage.

I was talking to an old friend this morning, she’s in a relationship with a foreigner, and she told me that she got sort of a problem because her guy doesn’t like to be tied down. As I signed in my facebook account, ta daa… a friend’s status written with “will you marry me? when will someone tell me that?”. Oh for god’s sake! What is happening here??? (I’m questioning myself). Why is everyone acting so insanely about tied-down issue??

I was once in the position where I was tied down by someone and tied someone down. It looked so romantically sweet at that time. We were planning our future, our marriage, our future kids, and bla bla. To cut it short, we finally tragically broke up and live separate ways. It felt like my fairy tale dreams torn into pieces. Still I’m wondering, what was wrong back then? We love each other! Isn’t that love is all we need??

I cleared my mind, I realized that the mistakes were the haste and naive. I rushed into everything about us, tried to show to the world that we’re a perfect couple, convinced him to be with me and (okay, I spill it out)… tied him down so he won’t leave me. Guess what, it wasn’t about the fear of losing him, it was the fear of losing the fairy tale dreams I’ve planned!

I’m not an expert either in relationship or guys, and I’m not also telling you to give up on your relationship. I know how it feels to be madly in love with someone but LOVE isn't the only thing you can count on. If you really love him/her :

DON’T rush him/her into anything.
DON’T push too hard, especially into marriage.
Let him/her think with his/her heart and mind, If he/she wants to spend his/her life with you, he/she WILL say it clearly to you.

It is true that love is something that worth fighting for but what is the point of wasting all your hours, energy, just to think of the way to tied down your partner?

If both of you are meant to be, then you will, no matter what

Go reach your dreams, live your life without hesitation, and cherish every moment.


p.s : I’m recommending you a book for the girls 😀 –>

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