Letting go

Next month will be exactly a year, I’ve been living my single life. I’ve never been single for this long πŸ˜€ Usually it only takes 2 or 3 months to be with a new one. Am I a player? Definitely not. I was just moving on πŸ˜€ (is that an acceptable reason?). This soon-to-be record urges me to write something here, sharing something itchy in my mind.

I’ve been in several epic romance stories after my last real failed relationship. I met with some gorgeous guys, who were definitely my type, but unfortunately I’m still flying solo now. It seems like I always found one or two reasons which held me back. But then I met a guy who was really “my type”. He’s just that perfect, I even couldn’t see his flaws. But we can’t be together, the reason is inevitable. Besides, I also did a really dumb thing, I told him that there’s something going on with a new guy (first, I was just trying to see his reaction), in fact, he thought that I like another person!

It’s just a short term fling, but I never thought it will affect me this much. I thought I was okay since it was just a fling. The fact is, I am not!

Am I falling in love?
Hell no (I promised myself not to fall head over heels for a guy anymore)

Did I like him?
Yea, a lot

Did he like me?
Uh huh (he told me so)

It doesn’t feel that terrible like broken heart though. It just feels not good, doesn’t seems right.

After an awkward conversation, I asked him, what are we now, because both of us realized that neither of us friends nor couple. Oh well, part of me said that it’d better if we’re just be friends. The other part of me refuse and insist to be more than friends. What the hell I want then? I don’t know.

I missed him. I left him a message about a week ago, hope that he’ll reply my message. But he didn’t until now. I don’t know either he hasn’t got the time to reply or he just doesn’t want to.

I’ve made up my mind. The show must go on. It was a really good time back then, me and him. We were perfect for each other. But it’s over now. Time to get back to reality.

Right person, Wrong time, Wrong place.
two outta 3. Result : Wrong.

So, yea, I’m letting you go.

If we were meant to be, we’ll find a way to work it out πŸ™‚


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