Indonesian Alert

I’ve been busy these days, preparing for IELTS, plant design, etc, so I finally got time to post something now. And I decided to write a little about the land where I was born.

First of all, last week, August 17th 2010, was Indonesia’s 65th independence day. Can’t believe Indonesia has been an independent republic for 65 years. This archipelago was actually inhabited 2 million to 500,000 years ago (now you can say that Indonesia is an old lady, huh? :P). Who knows that Homo Erectus a.k.a ‘Java Man’ ever lived here?

Indonesia’s ideal location has been an interesting asset that attract people all around the world until now. During 7th century CE to 13th century, Buddhist and Hindu dynasties was reigned, leaving its influences of Buddhism and Hinduism here. After this period had over, Muslim traders came to Java and Sumatra brought along Islam religion until late of 16th century (this explained why Islam has been Indonesia’s majority religion. But keep in mind, that Indonesia acknowledges 5 legal religions, so those who are trying to rise conflict about this diversity, better read out loud our NATIONAL motto : Bhinneka Tunggal Ika–HARMONY IN DIVERSITY).

Started in 1512, when Portuguese traders arrived, sought to monopolize our spices, other Europeans also attracted to this asset and began to established their power here. Dutch was the one who succeeded settled down and tortured our people for around 3.5 centuries. Not only Dutch government, Japanese, Chinese, British, also ruled & tortured for some years. We were suffered and lost countless lives. (Indonesia didn’t have any legal constitution and government at that time).

Thanks to our honorable national heroes who shed their last blood for our independence, so on Aug 17th 1945, we finally declared our independence.

If centuries ago, we fought against enemies, nowadays we are struggling against corruption, western culture influence, ethnicity issues, human rights violation, failed law, poverty, and so on. Those issues are coming from ourselves! We are trying to tear us apart. Looking back our national heroes dedication for this country, it would be shameful for us to take it for granted and disgrace it.

We, young generation, are trusted to carry on a noble duty, to maintain our heritage and legacy. This country needs our concern. Indonesia needs us.

We are a very special country. We have everything we need to survive, named it : agricultural ideal condition (put any seed to our soil, it’ll grow), strategic sea-lane’s position, oil, mineral, fishery, friendly seasons, the sun rises every day every year, tropical fruits, thousands of beautiful islands, amazing cultures, diverse ethnics and races, diverse beliefs, genius scientists. Those all what other countries wish for. But, there’s one important thing we don’t have,– strong mentality.

Our nation mentality is a total damage. That damaged mentality makes the government thinks of nothing else except money and power. That greedy government makes many talented scientists decide to leave the country to look for another country which appreciate their contribution. Those disappointed scientists make many educators lost hope of better novel knowledge and dedication. Those lost educators leave this young generation with unshaped character and misunderstand the importance of education. Those uneducated young generation leave this country …. NOTHING.

Indonesia, in your 65th birthday,
I wish your government would stop being so selfish, become more dedicated to you, and really work hard for you. I wish your educators keep their vows to enrich your nation with good character and valuable education. I wish no more idiotic terrorists and racists embarrass your good name. I wish no more of your assets claimed by irresponsible country. I wish your legacy remains. I wish your natural resources and cultures maintained. I wish your young generation has heart to keep you firm in world’s eyes.

Last but not least,
I wish, anytime, anywhere, anyhow, your nation would be able to proudly say, “Indonesia is my beloved homeland and I’m proud to be Indonesian.”

One of Indonesia’s talents :


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