Save the last summer

Just a quickie. I was reading an article and then there was this song played from my WMP jazz playlist. At the moment I recognized the trumpet’s sound, I can’t help smiling to myself. Not that Michael Buble has lost his charm to make me smile for no reason, it’s just a sudden tingling memoir of last summer came across my mind. šŸ˜€

Save the last dance by Michael Buble

Okay, I’m gonna make a confession.
It happened last summer. I hummed this song’s chorus while making notes at class, and for like few seconds afterward, I realized there was another voice sang the same song. With the lyric.
I turned my head to the person who sat beside me, “You know this song???”
“Oh yeah, it’s a good song,” he answered and continue sang that song with a low voice.

Surpriseee? Yeah, I was surprised. I never met any guy who is into jazz before. I mean, hello, jazz? For sure?? I’m desperately in love with jazz and accidentally, I met a stranger who also likes jazz and he sat right next to me. Oh well, call it a coincidence.

He sang another jazz song and then asked me,””Do you know this song?”
I nodded deliriously. “Are you a Michael Buble’s fan too?”
He laughed,”Not really. I just like his songs, I’m more into Il Divo etc”
I gasped. Il Divo, okay. “You have a nice voice. How do you do that vibrato?”
He answered,”hm, I don’t know, it came naturally. I love singing”
To be honest, his voice is awesome! The kind of soft and deep voice. haha.
(noted, I’m easily dazzled to a guy with musical sense)

To make it short, we were pretty closed for weeks. We talked and shared thoughts a lot. We told each other our bad experiences, jokes, and so on. I found out that he’s an oldish-classic type of guy. He plays some musical instruments that I play. šŸ˜› I enjoyed my time with him and I even lost track of time when we talked. His gentlemen-attitude was also mesmerized me, it gave me a secure feeling and comforted me. Overall, I guess that our interests in music brought us close.

It was fun and I had a great time with him. He’s such a good guy (with an amazing voice! plus 50 points for him :P). Unfortunately, summer was over, and so was the lovely fairy tale šŸ™‚ I gotta put back all of my attention to my study and anything besides school could distract me. I found out later that I share some classes with him this semester.

I think, we are good friends, but I’m not really sure. We still say ‘hi’ when we bumped into each other, but that’s all, here I am now with my business and there he is, with his business. Sometimes, I could feel there’s a distance between us now, he used to be nice to me but now he seems cold, and it doesn’t feel right.

What happened last summer, better stayed there. However, every time I hear that song, I remembered those happy days and I smile. Not because it’s over, yet because it happened šŸ˜€

Oh Jazz, How I love thee šŸ˜€


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