Life Story

The pursuit of self-tranquility – day 1

Monday, Nov 1 2010

Dear readers,

Today is the first day of my self-alienation. After 3 hours of traffic jam, I finally arrived in my sanctuary-soon-to-be for 3 days. The porter took me to my room and as I stepped into my room balcony, wow… I stopped breathing for a while. It’s so indescribable!
In front of me, green mountains with fogs on top of it and thousand of clouds smiled to me as if they welcomed me.

I can’t wait to step my feet around. With my cam, I walked down the road, and there it was, an amazing scenery caught my gaze. I walked down by the side of rice field, and I met some chameleons, salamanders, and little frogs. (I didn’t get their pics, they’re too fast!)

I continued to enjoy every single beautiful things that surrounded me. I really can smell the pines’ scent, heard the water falls, felt the touch of the mild wind… Suddenly, I heard my stomach was grawling, and so I went to the hotel restaurant, chose a seat with mountains view. My choice fell onto Nasi Bali, for my lunch. (don’t ask how was it, c’est délicieux!)

After lunch, my feet asked me to visit the children playground. My inner childhood soul can’t resist to jump in there. Swings, slides, climbing bridge, I jumped in there! And oh my… I felt like a little kid and… I laughed! 😀

Spending few hours outside made me a little tired, so I decided to take a shower in my room. Had the warm water ran on my skin was such a pleasure. With PJs on me, I am now sitting on the balcony porch, enjoying the cool wind kisses me softly. I can see the dimmed lights far away over the mountains. It has been 2 hours now, the rain falls down, singing me a nature’s song.

Just for a while, my mind stops running. It’s just the scent of wet soil, the sound of rain drops, the touch of the night wind…
It feels like the nature is telling me,“Ness, just be still… You’re with us now.”

Who knows that silence can bring a tranquility and calmness to a restless mind?
Sometimes, little things can brighten a cloudy day…

Goodnight mountains, goodnight rain, goodnight starry night…


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