Life Story

The pursuit of self-tranquility – Day 2

Tuesday, Nov 2 2010

Dear readers,

I can’t believe that I woke up at 5.30 am today! (Usually at 5.30 am, you can find me still sleep or not sleep at all). 😛
Honestly, I didn’t set up my alarm. I woke up because the birds were chirping and by the time I opened my eyes, oh gosh… I practically saw the sun rose slowly and smoothly.. The sky was filled with the golden light of the sun as it rose higher. And then the clouds, it’s like soft white cottons and there was one that looked like a whale! 😀
How could I stayed in bed when those beautiful things were THERE?

I grabbed my cam and went out to start my second day with….. un petit déjeuner! 😛
From various meals that served there, I chose a plate of omelette, breaded fried shrimp, boiled sweet corn, and guava juice. C’est parfait! 😉

Later on, I found me in a swimming pool and I had 40-laps (and the water was so damn cold!) 😀 Around 10 meters from the pool, there’s a jacuzzi with a view of the mountains surrounding it. How could a person resist to jump into a warm water jacuzzi and enjoyed such an incredible view? I can’t resist, so there I was for the next 2 hours before I moved my feet to sauna and got ready for my journey today.

Today’s theme was less-energetic, the aim was to relax. The weather was also not as bright as yesterday. Around 11 pm, the fog came down and it’s getting chill. The sun finally gave a way to the fog and hide beyond the clouds. The sky still looked bright. No gray clouds, but also no yellow-ish sun light. It’s just white and blue-ish scenery all around. Yet, it still looked amazing.

At the moment, I remembered the dialog in Eat Pray Love, “Stop trying! Surrender.”
My dad always reminds me that a person is allowed to aim high and set a target, but there will be a point when a person has to stop the hard-work, and let it be. We can set our sights high, but believe it or not, the result is not up to us. Like it or not, there is a bigger power out there and it’s beyond our power.

It’s one of the hardest thing to do, other than forgiving, for me.
Surrender is identical to give up, in my life dictionary. However, the reason why I’m having this alienation was because I’m at the point of no return, and it’s beyond my power.
I can’t controlled it!

When I saw how the sun gave a way to the fog for a day, it showed something to me.
The mighty sun let the unimportant fog to fill the day… It wasn’t a sign of defeat…
“It called humble, Ness,” whispered the chilly wind to me.

So, well yeah, maybe I have to learn how to let it be.. not to let it out of control.. but just to let it happen as the way things should be..

I’m hiding under the blanket right now. The night is cooler than yesterday.
There’s no sparkling stars tonight and I even can’t see the moon.
One thing for sure, they are somewhere out there, because I still can see the beauty of earth. This night, they are humble enough to let the starry sky goes so dark.

Beyond my darkest moments, even though I can’t see any sparkling lights yet, I know for sure that it stills out there, because I still can see the beauty of life.

Goodnight dark sky… goodnight chilly fog…


p.s : je suis fatigué et somnolente.. je vais te dire mon 3eme journee demain 🙂

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