Life Story

The pursuit of self-tranquility – Day 3

Wednesday, Nov 3 2010

Dear readers,

Last day of my alienation journey. I woke up at 6 am, and it added another record to my sleep-time history 😀
Again, when I opened my eyes in the morning, the sun smiled shyly to me. A little burst of the sparkling golden lights coloured the white clouds around it. I took a seat on the balcony porch for a while and let the sunlight poured on me. As I closed my eyes, I could felt the sun hugged me closely, the warmth possessed into the depth of me. It felt so nice…

How many of us still spare some time to enjoy the warmth of the morning sun? During my daily’s, I don’t even barely notice the existence of the sun. Trust me, take some time to get out from our routines and blend with the nature for some days. You will be hypnotized by the magic of nature ! 🙂

The tranquility moment had to be ended because mom told me to get ready and had breakfast. My parents will drive me back to Bandung today (how kind they are! :D)

My breakfast menu today : omelette, meatballs with barbecue sauce, fried breaded-chicken, a plate of watermelon and melon, and of course a glass of guava juice 🙂
The weather was spectacular today… Under the vivid blue sky, high up on the treetops and the mountains seemed to stood calmly. The sunlight seemed to dance beautifully with white clouds lingered around. It was warm because of the sunlight, but also at the same time the breeze of mountain wind caressed my skin.

I took a walk around with my parents. I wandered along the shadowy paths, enjoying the peaceful surroundings before I left. With the songs of birds, I felt completely lost from the crowd and restless mind as I walked over the deep carpet of grass. Colorful wildflowers were blooming in a patchwork of bright yellow, azure blue, deep rose, and dazzling orange smiled happily to me.

It was finally time for me to go, to be back in the real world. Having 3-days alone with nature was amazingly refreshed my mind and soul. It never came into my mind before, that nature has such a magical healing power. When shopping centers, bars, night life, are just not enough to fill my emptiness, I chose to bet on the last thing on my mind, NATURE. Yet it seemed that it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

The earth that we live in, is the greatest gift ever given from up above. All of the beautiful things that I saw, are just a little part of His amazing artworks. If Our creator has been kindly taking care of the wildflowers, pine trees, swayed leaves, butterflies…I’m sure that we could imagine how He’s willing to take care of us, His masterpiece. From every little things I saw for 3 days, I could feel how beautiful the life is.

While my Dad was preparing the car, I took the last moment to receive the nature’s hugs. I wish I could stay for a few days more in this place. But I have to get back to the rushing life and accomplish my responsibilities.
As the car started to move, I sweep my gaze around…

Patches of sunshine shine brightly, promising that the rest of the days would be pleasant…
Swayed trees wave goodbye, telling me that although the wind blows harshly, I could always be strong as long as I stand on a solid platform…
The chilly mists were also there, they kiss me softly, and whispering, “everything is going to be just fine, Ness…”

I could never be more thankful for everything that My Creator has done for me. My few days with nature’s companion taught me a lot. We can fake laugh, we can cry a river alone when no one knows, we can strive the storm, we can do everything to prove that we’re problems-proof. After all, we are just a human being. We are not created for perishable stuff, so that in the end, those are just can’t fulfill our starving soul.

Never ever run away to dismiss life. Life is harsh, it is prolly true. When you feel like you are living a life of dullness, take a step back… back to where you belong and find your inner-self..
God never promised a beautiful life that problems-free, but He promised that He will provided us with problems that will make life… beautiful. 🙂

Best of luck to you, readers!


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