It’s too little too late

Love says, “Don’t let me loose for I might fall off. Not too tight because I might get squeezed. Just gently, then maybe, just maybe, I might just stay for keeps.

I just had a video chat conference with my 2 best friends (the other 3 can’t make it tonight :(). It’s been a while since they were graduated and we are all separated thousand miles away. I’m so glad to be able to see their face and hear their voices, although it’s on a laptop screen.

To make it short, we were actually catching up with the hot news that one of my best friend broke-up with her bf. I didn’t mean to be mean, but I’m so grateful that FINALLY she broke-up with him. Not just he was a douche-bag, but he ‘tortured’ my best friend!

After a few years of waiting (hope that our best friend could found her common-sense), hearing that hot news was such a relief. All this time, we’re all tried to make her realize that he didn’t do it for love. It’s not because we really hate him, but, our best friend is pretty, insanely genius, well-mannered, has a great personality, and she doesn’t deserve a man that could only killed all of her potential.

This news was actually a shocking one and unpredictable (we never thought that you could finally be free from him, Lan :P). I asked her, what makes her took this decision. She said that because she just lost the feeling, the love. When she was with him, he monitored her activities, controlled her life, and tried to make her as his creation, of course in a ridiculous way (I can’t spill it out here, but if you know, you’re going to say “WTH”).
I could say, she’s genuinely being over-patient to him, but again, she did it for love.

After finally she decided to go to Beijing to study, she could finally see the real life. With that guy’s obsessive attitude, I can understand that my best friend can barely take it anymore. I also asked her whether her ex tried to win her back, and she said that he did, but unfortunately, she has lost everything she used to have for him. His promise to change his attitude can’t convinced her enough to take him back. It’s just too late.

I noted some lessons from this late-night conversation :

Lesson no.1
You can never ever change a person.
(unless he/she realize it and willing to do it on his/her consciousness).
So, when you truly love someone, love her/him with all they way he/she is, with his/her goods and flaws.

Lesson no.2
There is a thin fine line between being protective and obsessive.
So, when you truly love someone, let her/him be himself/herself and help him/her to bring out his/her very best.

Lesson no.3
Love is just not enough.
So, when you truly love someone, you really have to understand that it takes more than just a feeling to maintain a healthy relationship.

Lesson no.4
Don’t wait until it is too late.
So, when you truly love someone, treat her/him with love (not your ego, not your wicked plan, not your childish attitude) and do your very best. Because when she/he leaves, you can’t turn back the time.

It’s just too little too late
A little too wrong
I just can’t wait
Your chance has come and gone
I’m starting to move on
I’m letting you go, I’m loving myself
I’m gonna say now :
It’s just too little too late

Two people may fall for each other but sometimes one gets up and walks away while the other is still fallen to the ground.


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