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Anti-social state, the power of DIY coffee (part 2)

Dear readers,

Updated news :
3 subjects down
(chemical engineering reaction, kinetics and catalysis, chemical process design)

My geeky study group’s madness “The Power of DIY Coffee” :

Ernest : I need to get something, I’ll be right back.
(idle. Everyone’s staring hopelessly to our paper)
Ness : don’t you need my key to open the door? or are you doing molecular diffusion now?
(after 17 minutes, Ernest came back with 2 bottles of mineral water, 600 mL and 1.5 liters. Plus 6 sachets of instant coffee.)

As he started to bartender, our focus constantly lured to him…
Evy : are you really want to put this coffee into the mineral water? Don’t you need hot water?
Ernest : nope. I always did this when I slept over in the lab (with i’m-not-kidding gaze)
Ness : are you sure it’s homogeneous ?
Rere : umm… is it colloid or suspension?
Evy : arrggghhh!! enough…!
Ernest :um, suspension, I guess…
Rere : do you have any idea how to separate the liquid and the solid? 3 stages perhaps?
(he looked up to the ceiling, which means, his mind was already in another world)

Ness : oh geez…. guysss……focus focus!
Evy : but, are you sure 4 sachets are enough to make it sweet?
Ernest : yep! It’s 600mL water and 1 sachet contained of 150mL coffee powder, so…
Ness : hold on! you can’t just assume it like that. They have different densities!
(Rere grabbed the coffee sachet, Ernest drown in a deep thinking)
Rere : exactly! here (showing Ernest the composition table of the coffee), this density was measured in 80 deg celcius.
Evy : oh my god, focus here, focus focus…
Rere : (murmured) how do we get the pure solid after the separation?
Ness : tssss!! come on, kinetics and catalysis time now
Ernest :(whispered to Rere) drying process!
(Evy and me stared at them with devilish eyes. They finally put their attention back to the papers. Idle)

1 minute…
Evy : ey ey, may I try the coffee? (nudge Ernest with innocent face)
Ness : (grinning) the drying will be operated in a high or l…??
Ernest : (without any doubt) high temp!! hahaha
Ness : hahaha, definitely! which means we counted the Nt and the 1st zone of preheating can’t be ignored!
(Four of us looked at each other and…….. :D)

Freaks, huh? Those happened naturally, lol, and often 😀 Every little thing can easily intrigued our minds and awaken our ChE’s instincts. Don’t get us wrong, we are normal, hehe..just going a bit nuts. Comprehensive prep really got our nerves. Catching up 26 subjects of 4 years study in 30 days, in the middle of our hectic days, somehow drives us mad. We are honestly scared, exhausted, burnt out. We have to shift our brains from one thing to another– analyze, calculate, memorize…breathe.

Hmmphh, at the moment, I remember this: a chemical engineer should be able to simplify problems, to distill the essence of situation, and to drop the unessentials (quoting Mr. Asaf Kleopas Sugih and Ludwig Prandtl).

I’m scared… really really truly scared… I’m going to give my very best and lets hope for the best.

(I found this poem in one of my study materials… it’s worth reading)

Take time to think; it is the source of power
Take time to read; it is the foundation of wisdom
Take time to play; it is the secret of staying young
Take time to be quiet; it is the opportunity to seek God
Take time to be aware; it is the opportunity to seek God
Take time to love and to beloved; it is God’s greatest gift
Take time to laugh; it is the music of the soul
Take time to be friendly; it is the road of happiness
Take time to dream; it is what the future is made of
Take time to pray it is the greatest power on earth


p.s: to all ChE’06 comrades — jia you!! fight fight! 🙂

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