Love moves in mysterious ways

Still it’s a mystery
How you ever came to me
Which only proves
Love moves in mysterious ways

When did it start? What did I do? Where was I? How could it be?
“I DON’T KNOW… honestly, I don’t know…” you whispered to yourself.

There are times when you’re questioning yourself with the questions above. No matter how much meditation time you spent to cool your brain, you just still can’t find the answer. And when you think you can rely on your head, there is a subliminal message saying,”I’m sorry… the system is not found. We’ll report this shameful trouble to the universe.” The next thing you know is, you’re sinking into a deep undefined mood and you’re blaming yourself for being inconsistent.

Personally, I’d rather dealing with partial differential equation for days, than having that unexplainable situation. For thinking-people like me, I know that you feel like you’re having a dysfunctional brain system. Don’t worry, your brain is working perfectly. It’s just sometimes, there are things that need to be taken care of, with a little more tender handling because you’re a human; and in that case, change your system to : heart mode.

Anyway, trust me, there is always a solution for everything (if you can’t find the solution, change the problem 😛 i’m kidding). I’m so willing to let you know that I’ve been there, and I’m still with both of my heart and head 😀

Once upon a time… (cheesy o.O)

Under many considerable circumstances, I kept my heart sealed in a safest place, to make my life goes less complicated until I’m ready to re-open it. Unexpectedly, in the name of love, my plan didn’t work out. I forgot when did it start, but later on, I knew that I fell into a complex situation called, falling-in-love.
In fact, the more I denied it, the more complicated my life went at that time.

I know that I have failed to get a grip on myself
But when he said that he loves me,
you don’t have any idea, how that simple words touch me deeply
you don’t understand, how much it means for me
At that moment, I could felt the butterflies in me!

Love moves in mysterious ways. I also can’t imagine that I’m at the point where I could love a person this much. As much as I tried to get rid of this, I just can’t stop my heart to feel for him. I can’t explain how it comes to me, how he could meant so much for me.

Some people say that love is blind. But, no, I’m not losing my ‘head’. I’m fully conscious and perfectly know what I’m feeling now. Obviously, I don’t know if he feels what I feel, I don’t know if he tells me the truth, I don’t know if I can offer you a happily-ever-after love story. He might hurts me or I have to feel the pain again or it’s just not meant to be, despite it all, I really thank him to help me FINALLY feel a thing called ‘love’ again. All I want to do now is just to feel this feeling, love him and let it flow.

Nothing is secure, in this life.
We could only put ourselves in a less risky situation.
The truth is anyone can hurt you, anyone can take you for granted.
If you’ve given your best, but they do you wrong for some reasons,
it’s their loss, not yours.
Let go, be strong, and love again.
For every love you give, every pain you feel, every problem you face,
there will always be a precious life lesson to learned.

Be brave enough to trust your heart, but also be smart enough to involve your brain.

After all,
it’s just a bittersweet life… take it or leave it ? 🙂

May you have enough courage, to love a person with your sincere heart.
May you have enough wisdom, to take a decision wisely with your head.


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