Life Story

Just like the sun

Dear readers,

How’s your day going today?
Have you ever had a very bad day until all you want is just to disappear?.

We often focused on our problems during the day-complaining about how unlucky you are. We rarely know that if we look closely and perceive our world from every possible direction, we could FIND ATLEAST ONE WONDERFUL THING AROUND YOU, TO BE THANKFUL FOR. For example : the air that you breathe.

Another tip of mine : find a person who can washed away your grey clouds. The person could be anyone.

How to find that person?
Be THAT person to another person first. I believe in karma. I believe that our life is a cycle-when you do good deeds to people, you’ll receive a good feedback from the universe and god.

Do not try that hard to look up for your state of happiness. Your happiness lay inside of you, you just can’t see it yet. To be able to see it clearly and enjoy it, you need to pass it on. When you’re able to see the happiness in someone else’s life, it is actually reflecting the happiness inside of you.

To be happy is to give, to be humbly share to others.. to be that happiness itself. Happiness can’t be kept or found, because it’s not a thing.

The sun never looked for the lights, because it lays inside of the sun. The sun always shines its best every day, no matter what happens. there isn’t any other thing that shines for the sun, but it keeps shining for human- and until the end of the earth, the sun will never know how grateful human race for it.

Be the sun for others, you’ll never know how much your light means for other people.

May you find the one person who can lighten up your life, and be that one person who shines for other’s life 🙂

Shine like the sun!


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