Life Story

Eyes are windows to The Soul

It’s been a while since the last time I posted something up here. Most of the times, I am so exhausted to the max so I can barely ‘type out’ my mind over here. But this time, I can’t fight the urge to type 🙂

Like a few days ago, I dropped by at my sister’s facebook pictures. I wasn’t stalking, just pretty much curious with her updates (an older sister’s common alibi :P) Okay, I actually saw one of her drawings and gosh, it’s beautiful and then I tagged my artsy best friend to that picture. And we just had a chat earlier that actually ‘touched’ my inner-self. So I thought I’m gonna share it with you all 🙂

R : hey your sister really has some talent yah
V : yes hehehe, and she adores u a lot, hahaha
R : are you joking me??????? awwwwwwwwwwww
V : yeah, she’s so curious with all your paintings
R : What is so adorable from me, other than my cute personality and hug-able body? hohohohohoho
V : She saw your old silhouette sketch inside your eat-pray-love novel that you lent me. And and i told her how u always dream to be an artist since we were kids, and u’re finally in an art world now hahaha.
V : and well, she looks at u like a role model u know hahaha
R : oh really? I don’t even remember that sketch I drew.
V : yahh, u know, my sis is one of the type of ‘go get ur dream no what happen’ girl, rin. And she always try to achieve what I have achieved back then.
V : Like she’s ‘active’ at her school. She joins the students’ body association, the school band, the debate club, the school choir, won lots of competition from art to biology. And even now she’s one of the national candidates for student exchange to represent Indonesia, from Bina Antar Budaya. LOL
V : She’s awesome! I’m so proud of her.They chose 200 outta 2000, and then they took 100, then 50, and now, she’s currently in the final step in the national round selection to be sent to the US, Europe and Japan.
R : that’s great!
V : yeah, im glad she has some people to look on to
V : i have no one to look on to when i was her age, haha
R : listening to all of this makes me thinking
R : human will always leave his/her footprints
R : and someone will actually see it with a total different point of view from us
R : hmm, it’s actually an awkward notion for me right now haha
V : hahaha
R : i feel so trashy about myself, but then to hear someone making me her role model
R : awwwwwww
V : ahahahaha
V : then we could use the quote “to someone you may be his/her world” LOL
V : and after all, most of the times we are so blindsided with our negatives and weaknesses, until some people pop out and tell u abt how u inspired them, then we could finally see that brightside inside us
V : hehehe, why do I always end up with pep talk when im talking with u

(and the rest of the conversation were just random jokes between us)

So, the point is, I was actually quite surprised with those two simple statements that I and my best friend said. It was so true.

There will be always times when you look down on yourself, when you see that you are always under the grey clouds and think that you won’t make it out alive. But really, you just haven’t seen how awesome you are from others’ point of views… not yet. No matter how trashy you feel that you are, you are going to leave your footprints. So, make it authentic and unforgettable! 😀

Here is my sister’s drawing :



p.s to my lil sis: I do always proud of u sis!
p.s to my bestfriend : we will always be the autism mates 😛

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