Life Story

One knows self, knows all.

“Are we where we want to be, doing what we want to do?” – Aleph

As I’ve been wondering the answer to that question for a couple of weeks, some friends of mine discussed their career path with me. Honestly, I can’t really give a practical solution or hand over some tips to them, since I am also a newbie in this career game.

“I know that this is wrong and it draw me away from my passion, but my boss said that a fresh graduate wouldn’t know about passion and such. It keeps bugging me because each passing day, I become less passionate with my job”

Well, it can be true about fresh graduates mostly haven’t found their passion and goals yet. I am so confused with people who generalized every human phase symptoms. The word MOSTLY doesn’t mean an absolute number of 100%. Now, does the quarter-life crisis only happen when you’re 25? No, hell it doesn’t. A lot of variables in life need to be counted to a human phase. Just stop stereotype-ing people. So, if you are in doubt because of a statement that happened to be found empirically, again, please find yourself again and now do mind your own opinion about yourself. If there is a gatekeeper to where you are headed, it should be your heart and no one else because only then can you open the passage way to true happiness (dodinsky).

“I decided to resign and my boss keeps telling me that I’m good in this field. What am I supposed to tell my boss??”

Seriously, as much as I love writing, arranging an argument for other person’s personal matter is waaaayyyy too complicated. Instead of setting up the charismatic paragraph, let me just told you what did I tell my ex-boss and the boss of my ex-boss and the big boss of the boss of my ex-boss. Just simply said that it’s a matter of heart (oh well, it really is). For me a career is a part of life, and I don’t want to live a life where my heart involved in every single aspect of it.

I know that many of you will see that I’m such an idealist whereas I’m still fresh and less-experienced. However, it’s not just about career. It’s simply just living a life to the fullest, and I am doing it now, the best I could. I don’t want to regret every morning and go to a place where I feel like a slave digging for penny (though Yes, money matters). But, if your heart is not in what you’re doing now, it’s gonna blow up some day and at that time, it might be too late to save yourself.

Please refer to a quote : Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life

Am I doing the job I love now?
I haven’t doing my dream job… yet. But, I am MUCH happier in my current field and company, and no more tears every morning. And one thing, I am on my way to my dream job 😀

How was it after I decided to leave my old one?
It felt horrible. Insecurities, humiliation, cynical opinions, low self-esteem, anger, disappointment. It’s all there. But, no worries, the sun will shine after the dawn

We all have times when we cry.
When the healing flows from our eyes.
But after the pouring rain,
We know that the sun will shine again.

There’s still some ray of hope.
Cause God is in control.
Hold your head up my friend.
I’m tellin you the sun will shine again.



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