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The art of gentlemanliness

When was the last time someone held a door open for you?

or When was the last time you had someone offered his seat to you in a public transportation?

I am an independent girl,  I know I can take care of myself and also I appreciate the aspects of feminism. But hey, I’m still flattered when a guy let me go through a doorway before him, or when a guy volunteers to kill a cockroach that run after me. I still find those gestures,  being chivalrous,  to be a gorgeous thing.

Most girls I know are still love the idea of a chivalrous guy. Don’t get us wrong, we love our independence in life, but deep down, we always dream guys to treat us like ladies.

Case in point : I went out with a guy friend and he decided to drive me home. I told him to just drop me nearby my place so he can just leave (he told me that he was late to another appointment). Surprisingly, he insisted to park his car nearby my place and insisted to walk me to my front door, then waited til I locked my door before he left. I know lots of you girls would say “Awww…” Yea, right, it’s sweet, wasn’t it?

I know it’s such an unimportant details but we girls simply flattered by little things. What my friend did was simply gave me an impression that he cared about my safety. Although perhaps for him, it was nothing.

As the gentleman has adapted to fit the modern world, I admit that women often give men an impression that we don’t need courting anymore, we  are capable by ourselves. Little did you know that gentlemanly behavior STILLS sets our hearts aflutter. We want to see it, and many of us are waiting on it. Women notice the small stuff. We notice the gentleness and every little kindness you do to us.

Here are some hints that you could use to sweep her off of her feet :

  • Walk her home
    Walking a lady home is an important gentleman gesture. She will feel safer and flattered that you care for her safety.
  • Walk outside on the sidewalk
    By keeping her on the inside, you will keep her from traffic and protect her from getting splashed by a jerky driver
  • Offer a jacket
    Sometimes, we dress without any consideration that we might get cold later on. If you go out with her and notice that it’s cold, as a gentleman you are supposed to offer her your jacket (if you wear one) even though there might be a possibility she may refuse in the first place. Repeat your offer. Her comfort is your priority, gentleman
  • Hold the door for her
    Open a door for her and let her walk through before you. This is an ultimate conduct of a gentleman. If she arrives at the door first and begins pushing the door open, stand on the side where the door hinges are and simply extend your arm over her head to take the door’s weight from her as she passes through. I guess, this simply doesn’t apply to women only, but also to an older person. A basic courtesy, I would say.

Last but not least, all these gestures, make them a part of your behavior as a gentleman. Once again, the main idea is not just to impress her, but to show her that you respect her and willing to make her feel comforted (protected) when she’s with you.

As for me, I still like seeing guys who behave like a true gentleman and yes, chivalry is still important as it ever was.



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