Life Story

Red Alpha Dragon

First, let me rant to you for a while about how upset I was today to some ‘authorities’ at work who think that my aura is intimidating others. Yes, you read it right, it’s about my aura. Oh by the way, I have a RED AURA. Unfortunately, it’s not just my ‘alpha’ trait that bothers some people, but now my red aura is another one to blame. 

Many of you will not believe to this thing named aura, but they do exist. Aura is actually the glow illuminated by your energy and your aura color usually reflects your personality, your purpose and priority in life. I don’t know how to see a person’s aura but it can be learned. And so some people (including psychologist and indigo friends) see that my aura is red.

Some explanation I took from a website that elaborates red aura personality :

(courtesy of :

Reds – a strong aura within the physical color group – approach life with gusto and courage, and have tremendous physical, emotional and spiritual energy. Reds are at their best when they can engage in physical activities within their environment and through direct physical contact with others. Reds possess great passion and endurance for life and activities. They are great at sensing and overcoming all obstacles in life, work, and relationships. Reds are doers – give a red an idea or plan and it will be turned into action. Reds use all five physical senses to make decisions. If a Red cannot get in touch with one of the senses, if something is out of balance, then they will stall until their needs have been fulfilled. 



You will test your physical limit and seek victory at any cost; you must manage every aspect of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life. Mentally, you really live in your head, planning your next physical challenge, and then actually moving that plan forward into reality. You are curious, and must understand practical applications for everything that you learn. You will get bored quickly if you do not have the opportunity to work “hands on”. You are intelligent and have survivor instincts that will help you conquer roadblocks in your life. Emotionally, you are unable to harness your behavior and/or feelings; you are exuberant, forthright, honest, direct, explosive, and will respond physically in both negative and positive ways to others. Socially, you like people around you in order to help them, understand them and interact with them in all aspects of their lives. You will approach a relationship with lust, and prefer mates who are passionate, intelligent, quick to make decisions, and are physically active. 



You are direct, honest and sometimes blunt with your opinions. You definitely have leadership qualities, and you like to lead by showing others physically how to do something. You have high standards concerning the quality of work you do and accomplish, and often, you work simultaneously with your mind and your body. You usually make decisions quickly, and if someone does not think or see things as rapidly as you do, you may become angry and finish a project yourself.  You use money as a means to get the things that you will need to succeed at your craft or hobby. You have a great deal of strength – both mentally and physically – and you have great determination and courage. Good career choices for you will be working with your environment in some capacity – perhaps as a Policeman or Paramedic, Surgeon, Construction Worker, Professional Sportsman, Military.


So, having read all the above detailed elaboration of a RED, you might know a little bit of my character. Red in aura color is the color of root chakra and it stands for action, movement, fight, and survival mechanism as well as stability. Aggression is commonly found in people with predominantly red color aura. It takes a very strong, independent, self-realized person to handle the fiery personality of a Red. 

Now, lets add it up with my alpha-ness and my chinese astrology : a dragon. Yes, it is lethal. 

A couple of years ago, some friends suggested that I am an alpha female that unfortunately, often times I can be very intimidating and domineering. I had an ex and a couple of guy friends also told me that they feel intimidated by me. My existence. It was shocking. I did try to keep it low, but I became frustrated and lost. It’s just not my nature. 

Today, some of ‘authorities’ at my workplace told me that I have this red aura all over me (when does this all mystic relates to professionalism?) and it’s intimidating my new direct supervisor, an oversensitive lousy man who has zero leadership trait in his bones (quoting the ‘authorities’). The ‘authorities’ placed me in this new team, in hope I could be a model for this sunken-team, a total chaotic place with zillion complaints from our clients (now zillion has been reduced to millions) and too much estrogen there turned every working day a non-stop drama series. 

Long story short, it’s been 3 months since I took and tried to fix some shits created by this team. The ‘authorities’ happy, everybody’s happy. I thought I did well, less complaint more business. Unfortunately, the supervisor felt threaten by me and reported how I wasn’t being supportive to him (long story with irrelevant cause-effect actually). W-T-F. Not to forget the climax, he almost cried when the ‘authorities’ admonished him for not doing his role as it supposed to be.

“Put a poker face,” they said. 

“Your red aura is intimidating him. We acknowledged your great works BUT bear with him” 

That sounds ridiculous, right? How can my aura intimidate other people?

FYI, I NEVER, not even once in my life, discredit the people around me or put any harm to them. I am not sorry for being professional and focus on what I do. If I deserve any compliment or appreciation, that is because I work my ass off. I am not sorry if my whole existence becomes a threat to any particular person. 

I am not a spoiled brat.

I don’t cry and dwell over problems and runaway.

I am strong-headed person and stubborn, but I can distinguish what is right and wrong, what is subjective and objective.

I acknowledge someone’s power, but it is my decision not to respect that person if he/she doesn’t deserve my respect.

I am an arrogant and ambitious person, but I never meant any harm to other human being.

Last but not least, I refuse to be a coward and I face what is in front of me instead. 

To all the REDS out there, do not cover your glow. You are meant to stand out. Take the lead, if you must, but do not harm anyone. Survival is our basic instinct, we are all human being trying to thrive in this imperfect life. Time won’t stop and can’t be reversed, stop trying to be anyone else but you. Life will throw problems at us, wait for us to crumble, but REDS are destined to fight and conquer all the roadblocks. Life expects us not to mope and mourn, but to get back up and carry on. Someday, we will be able to look at ourselves differently, that we can carry on brilliantly and said ‘I did it’. 

So here I am : a RED ALPHA DRAGON. 😀 




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