Life Story

Life Lesson of K-drama


I think women really like it when a man stands up for them.  It does not have to end up in a fist fight, but there is something about the sight of a man who pursues the woman he loves.

Recently, I’ve been watching a pile of Korean Drama DVDs. Okay, I’m not a fan of cheesy-mushy drama, but hey, watching these series warmed my heart up. Now I get the idea why women love Korean Drama. The one and only reason is because the male lead actor there fight like crazy to be with the woman he loves. He didn’t act all romantic etc, all he did was showing the girl how much he wanted her in his life through every worse scenarios. And I can assure you guys, THAT kind of gesture, swoon us girls over.

After the series has over, I came back to reality dimension and start thinking what if that kind of man really exists. Often times, I think to myself, why does it take so hard and complicated to show someone that you want her/him in your life. Because from what I learned from K-drama, it only takes commitment and your guts.

I grew up in a culture where boys are raised and being spoilt more than girls, so that they lose their manliness. A few months ago, I had a close friend whose had been in a relationship with her bf for almost a decade, broke up. The reason was seriously ridiculous : because her ex’s grandma didn’t approve her. Yeah, you read it right, grandma. I was very pissed. He’s a goddamn adult and almost 30, and he let the woman he loved go, because his grandma didn’t like the woman. What happened with man up and use your brain? What happened with fighting for your happiness? I guess those all have gone with the so-called eastern manners.

I might sound like a racist eventhough I didn’t mean to, but I value western culture (and the men?) more than my eastern culture. Most of the times, my eastern culture got mixed with common-sense that people confuse between right/wrong and kind/bad. What makes it worse, most guys from our race, despite their intellectual level, can’t even decide his own life for the sake of family dignity and keeping up the goddamn culture.

So the main question is, where are these guys who will take risk for the woman they love?

Excuse me, I’m gonna look for him in my K-drama. 😀

Note : I am a Chinese descendant and I dislikes my ridiculous nonsense culture.

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